Higher Ground Art

Art for the Heart and Soul





Linda Harmon

I was lucky enough to be born with a gift for seeing and a sense of wonder for which I will be eternally grateful. The beauty in simple things fills me with an immense sense of wonder. I continually feel inspired by the elementally balance we see in living things. It keeps me grounded.

I paint mostly abstracts, inspired by t
he spiral form. The spiral is a universal symbol found through the ages and around the world. To me it reflects the energy I believe to underly all life. I see the spiral's pattern all around us, from our own DNA, to a vinning plant, to the Milky Way. I believe connecting to that energy can give us strength, peace and a sense of wholeness.

The paintings I create are biomorphic forms, forms based on living things. They come from a place inspired from within where music, light, and color merge. Each painting is a meditation. Once inside the studio I turn on the music facing each blank canvas with an open heart. I let my brush find it's own place and try to get out of the way. It always amazes me how each painting creates itself. Each one is unique, just like us.

Andre Breton wrote,
"There exists a certain point of spirit at which life and death, the real and the imaginary, the past and the future, the communicable and the incommunicable, high and low, cease to be perceived as contradictory." He called this " the point of spirit".
This balance or "point of spirit" is the place I visit when I paint. It is my hope that my work can bring the viewer to that same place.Art is my expression and commemoration of life's wonder.I live in Ojai, Ca.underneath the majestic Topa Topa Mountains. I am surrounded by family and an incredible artistic community.

The Ojai Valley, nestled under the Topa Topas.

The Michigan Fall I grew up with.

Michigan in winter dress.